Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Catholic Mystique: Fulfillment of the Old Testament

I am reading this book called The Catholic Mystique, a compilation of women's conversion stories to the Catholic faith.  I have read about eight or so, and so far it is pretty good.  Each woman has a different background.  Some were Lutheran, some were atheists, some were priests or pastors of other Christian churches.  For most of them, they struggled with the lack of strong historical doctrine to back up their faith, or pervasive moral relativism, and kept looking for that truth and doctrinal continuity found in the Catholic Church.

Rosalind Moss, who was born and raised a Jew, has an interesting perspective.  She "loved being Jewish" and was shocked when her brother announced he was becoming a Christian.  He told her about 'Jews for Jesus'.  These believers introduced her to Christ: about how Jesus is the new Messiah, who became the sacrificial lamb.  So, she became a Christian.  Her brother, who is very close to her, called her one day, saying:

  "'Ros, something's wrong.  I believe the Bible is the Word of God and, as such, infallible.  But how is it that so many men, pastors who love God, who study the word of God in humility and sincerity and with all the tools of biblical interpretation, come out with such different understandings of Scripture- and in such crucial areas?  If Christ established His Church on earth and left us His Word, wouldn't He have left us a way to know what He meant by what He said?'

  'Yes, David, but we see through a glass dimly.  One day we'll know as we are known.  For now, we simply do the best we can.'

  David didn't buy it.  He said that Christ had prayed that we would be one as He and the Father are one. How could He have established His Church on earth and left us to the confusion of thousands of denominations, with new ones budding almost daily?"

David, who became Catholic, introduced her to apologetics, especially a tape of Scott Hahn debating a Presbyterian theologian.  Near the end, Hahn affirmed that if you "look into the claims of the Catholic Church- two thousand years of Church history, the Church Fathers, and the rest- you will experience a 'holy shock and a glorious amazement' to find that that Church, the very Church you might have been battling to save people from, is the very Church that Christ established on earth two thousand years ago."

Ros first read every Protestant work against the Catholic Church "in the hope of being rescued from ever becoming Catholic."

  "It was obvious the Protestant writers were not fighting the Catholic Church, but rather what they thought the Catholic Church taught.  
  I left no stone unturned: Scripture, Tradition, the papacy, apostolic succession, the communion of saints, purgatory, every issue concerning Mary, the sacramental nature of the Church, the Mass, and above all, the Eucharist."  

She "found what was true" and visited a Catholic Church again, where she experienced God's love and the fulfillment of her heritage.

"The readings from Scripture that night were very familiar to me, but amazingly, so were the prayers offered in the Mass: 
'Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation.  
Through Your goodness we have this bread to offer, 
which earth has given and human hands have made. 
It will become the Bread of Life.'

"Could it be?  I thought back to the Sabbath prayers of our Jewish home: 
'Baruch ata Adonai Elohenu Melech haOlam hamotzi lechem min ha'aretz.  
(Blessed art Thou, O Lord, our God, King of the Universe, 
who brings forth bread from the earth.)'

  "'I came,' Jesus said, 'not to abolish but to fulfill.'  Here was the Living Bread to which every lamb and every grain of manna pointed.  A mere symbol would not be the fulfillment of such Old Testament types.  Christ alone was the One to which every sign pointed.  The Eucharist was not symbolic, but Christ Himself."

Ros's story was interesting to me because I don't completely get the continuity between the Old Testament and the new.  Rosalind's experience helped clarify this and it was interesting reading why people come into the Church.  It gives perspective on things I take for granted because I have grown up with it.  I am excited about reading more!

New Apartment

Hello, world.  I don't have internet in my new apartment yet, so whilst I am staying at my original dwelling place for the weekend I am catching up on some blogs and blog posts.  

I am almost settled into my new apartment.  I have still tons of boxes around the living room, but my room is almost put together.  I still need a dresser and a bookshelf.  The living room has been supplied with couches from my lovely friend Patience.  They are an interesting 70s print, I really cannot decide if I like them.  The set includes a couch and a loveseat.  They are always a talking point with visitors.

As far as decorating goes, all I really have up to go is this little number that I finished a year ago or so.  I'm thinking bathroom?

Anyways, I haven't really decorated until my roommate can come and help.  Also, until I have my dresser and bookshelf things will be moving around in my room, so I am hesitant to put nails in the walls.

The drawers of the kitchen were not looking too good on the inside, so I lined them with pretty paper.  I think it looks beautiful and every time I open a drawer it's so nice.  

On Friday I finished my summer job, and have one last week before school starts again.  I am excited for it!  Some books came in the mail, and I am looking forward to reconnecting with school friends and getting homework assignments.  :)

Once I get back and am able to clean up a bit, I want to have a tea party or something else, if I decide tea party sounds too weird Alice in Wonderland.  I have had a lovely time at work, and reading books and watching movies.  My boyfriend also started law school, and he would stop by afterwards for some food.  On Tuesday I will have some other friends over for our first Students for Life officer meeting.  Should be fun!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

this is the life

Soo, this post was written about a week ago and I forgot to actually post it.  I have been busy in the process of starting work, moving, and staying over at my gma's.  This was probably my best outfit since then anyways.  Work is very casual dress and comfort is key.

Blast from the past...

Hey!  I had an awesome day yesterday!  I woke up early-ish, was productive, and my boyfriend came over!  We had a good day outside, working (while watching Battlestar Galactica), and talking with my mom.
Little story: We fed my dog together at about 10pm and got locked out somehow.  Wasn't that big a deal, another door was open.  Funny part was Noe wasn't wearing shoes and he had to walk on gravel and I forgot that that hurts and walked too fast.  We were holding hands so I kind of dragged him along before he said anything.  It kind of sounds cruel... but it was hilarious for both of us.  :)
What fun.  Also yesterday I was oriented for my work starting next week!  I'll be a workshop facilitator for a summer Pre-Calculus program.  My coworkers are pretty cool, and it will be great to be busy again.  It will be my second year doing it, so I feel more comfortable at it, but I'm still nervous!
Next week will be pretty full, with moving into my new apartment & making it pretty, and starting work!  :)

traipsing through the woods with my forest friends
Shirt: from my sister
Skirt: Thrifted (Down East Basics)
Shoes: gift from boyfriend (Bass)

someone did not want his picture taken

"Stop taking pictures or I will tickle your feet!"

and finally this!  Oh what I have to deal with...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

watering the flowers

Just spent some lovely time watering the flowers on the porch, and taking some pictures of my dog.  She poses so well, it is kind of weird!

Just got news that my friend Deanna from A Heart Like Mary's got engaged!  Make sure to visit her and show her some love!!!